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About Wong’s Bodega

Located in San Antonio, Texas at the intersection of South Flores, Nogalitos, and Cevallos, this grocery store offers a variety of fresh local produce, meat, dairy, craft beverages, snacks, vegan meat & vegan dairy options, and many other home goods (just to name a few).

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Image of Wong's Bodega box filled with produce and other items

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Click order now to order a bodega box filled with various fresh produce, and other essentials.

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BYOB – Bring Your Own Bag

Here at Wong’s Bodega, we are passionate about repurposing and recycling, so please bring your own bag. You may also use one of our spare boxes, or you may purchase a lightweight, expandable, cotton ecobag. Chose from a variety of colors and either short or long handles.

  • image of a Wong's Bodega reusable tote bag
  • image of a Wong's Bodega reuseable tote bag
  • image of a Wong's Bodega reuseable tote bag

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